Byron and Catherine attending a black tie event

About Byron

William Byron Cocke was born on October 10, 1975 and never looked back. On August 28, 2017, he passed away alongside his wife, Catherine Crichton Montford Cocke, in a small plane crash outside Savannah, Georgia.  At 41 years young, Byron was just getting warmed up and, in the process, lived epically.

Byron grew up in Northern Virginia, with two younger brothers and two loving parents. After graduating from The University of Virginia, he moved to Atlanta to make a name for himself.  He quickly realized that working for someone else was not the life for him. He was a man that needed to drive a cycle of imagination, exploration, creation, love, and renewal. He started his own business, and while he worked with many people, he never again worked for anyone but himself.

Real estate quickly became the creative substance from which he would mold a career and a life. He explored and experimented for several years, attempting to figure out what his creation might look like. It was not until he met Catherine Montford in 2004 that he gained real clarity. Life sometimes requires you to find your match in order to establish a strong foundation from which to build. In Catherine, he found a partner who completed his circle and life took off. Over an eleven year period, they had five beautiful children: Finn, Eugenia, Symmes, Estella, and Saint. Byron embraced being a dad with the same verve that he brought to all of life. Today, the oldest is twelve and the youngest has not yet had his first birthday. Through their parents, the children were exposed to lives of variety and joy and have seen what real love is. Each child’s life gave Byron a boundless source of energy with which to face the world.

Byron also found his match professionally, partnering with his friend Brett Finkelstein. Together, with a growing team of professionals and friends, they built a real estate business that today spans the United States, acquiring, developing, and managing primarily multi-family properties.  Byron loved every second of it. The real estate business fit him like a glove, allowing his endless drive, immense intellect, ability to create meaningful relationships, and eagerness for a great deal to thrive.

A loving father and doting husband, Byron lived a life of joyful adventure. He and Cat explored the world, at one point moving to Paris “just because.”  They traveled globally and frequently - from Argentina to Iceland - making friends everywhere they set foot. The family ultimately settled down in Savannah, a community they loved and the home of Catherine’s childhood.

Byron sought a life of humanity, choosing to surround himself with wonderful people and loving relationships. He is survived by his parents, brothers and their wives, four nephews, countless cousins, in-laws, aunts, uncles, friendships, and his five remarkable children.

Byron is also survived by a legacy that took nothing for granted, wasted no time, and chose to get all the juice out of each day of life.

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