Byron and Catherine attending a black tie event

About Catherine

Catherine Crichton Montford Cocke arrived as a Mother’s Day gift, born on a bright Sunday morning at Savannah’s Telfair Women’s Hospital, May 14, 1978.  She lived a worldly life, filled with artistry, intellect, and love, before passing on August 28, 2017.  Catherine and her husband Byron lost their lives together in a tragic plane crash outside Savannah, Georgia.

From an early age, Catherine’s love of reading opened her eyes to the world beyond. Books were an immense comfort to her from infancy, as a stack of them placed in her crib would soothe her to sleep. By the time she was three years old, she had memorized countless children’s books. By sixth grade, she could be found hiding under her covers, reading Gone with the Wind by lamplight with the rest of the household fast asleep.

Catherine’s love of literature gave her a new passion: an urge to explore the world.  Her mother and father would take her on long trips abroad. Along the way, Catherine developed her lifelong love affair with France, a place she would return throughout life. After graduating high school from Savannah Country Day School, Catherine attended Boston University and the American University of Paris, gaining fluency in French and studying Comparative Literature.  Following college, she moved back to Atlanta and began a career in fashion, design, and jewelry.  It was during this time that she met Byron.  They fell in love and married.

In the years to come, Catherine and Byron built a dream life. They traveled broadly and lived enthusiastically. They would later return to Savannah to put down roots to raise their growing brood of children. Catherine often said her five children changed her life. As the children grew, Catherine grew.  She grew into the best kind of mother. Today, her grace and joy live through Finn, Eugenia, Symmes, Estella, and Saint, their eyes sparkling with her love. In their children, Catherine and Byron’s spirit endures.

While Catherine’s life was too brief, she lived it to the fullest, with style and flair. She built her own business, Catherine Cocke Interiors. Through her work, she completed award winning designs and was featured on TV and in print. Her quick wit and bright spirit helped her make friends around the world, as the family traveled to ski, sail, relax, conduct business, and see new horizons. Catherine was an advocate for emerging artists, and her house is filled with local creations. She made giving back a priority, emphasizing local causes. Catherine said knew she was blessed and wanted to raise up those around her. She will be remembered for improving all that she touched, making each moment feel special.

Catherine Cocke is survived by her parents, her younger brother, her grandmother, cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, an incredible group of nannies and support staff, valued friends, and her five beautiful children. She leaves the world a brighter place.


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